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What are the biggest pain points of IT managers?

A personal consideration:
IT managers, from my point of view, suffer because IT is nowadays more and more often considered a commodity, just as quality is.  Due to the “total quality” techniques that seem to be able to resolve any pain but just try to keep minds and consciousness occupied. So many intelligent ready-made solutions in my opinion detach ourselves from our actual job because they concentrate too much on how to construct better instead of how to produce more value. I think to world would be better if our efforts would be focused on people instead of products. I look forward a new warm renaissance.

Some more pain could be predicting the return of innovative assets the IT managers try to build up. Innovation is in the ICT DNA, and it’s hard to try to guess how will be its impact on organizations or what will be the return. The point I think it could be that “guessing” in not often the best solution, but again it’s tough to define the returns on technology innovation without thinking about people. Innovation is an outcome of the interaction between people and products, and you cannot understand the returns when you don’t start from the desired gains of people.

Another significant problem for IT Managers is dealing with talents. How to find them, should them grow in-house or come from HR recruiting activities? And what parameters should be evaluated to choose the right talent for your organization? Are the technical abilities enough? Failing to this point is risky for IT Managers, because evaluating a talent should also consider how it could interact with the pre-existing context.

Of course, there are many more problems, related to technology, outsourcers coordination, vendors, and products, but I consider that just issues that IT managers are usually able to deal with without real pains. I don’t expect an IT manager get a headache just because a server is down, or a project is going late.

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