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Various SME


1993 - 1999

Customer type



I’m been Owner of a small activity in computer training and ICT consulting.

In partnership with a company financial intermediation,  I managed the IT consulting part in wide Financing projects for corporate restructuring. The areas of intervention were:

  • Mechanical Engineering – Production Valves for oil plants
  • Mechanical Engineering – Production of Probes propelled to polls
  • Service of industrial cleaning
  • Livestock
  • Prefabrication

The usual activity was a check up of IT assets and business process analysis.

In 100% of cases the consulting activities were  followed by analysis or development projects, mainly in the areas Budgeting (contract, commercial, personnel costs, cost centers, economic), final balance (production costs, stock, units of work).

Management Control (evaluation of delta cost / price mix, reconciliation with the budget accounting, production of the result of the management control and profit before tax reconciled).

Other activities: Training on various ICT related topics, in particular, process and system modeling