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2010 - 2011

Customer type



I worked two years as a test leader in the customer QA-Software Validation group with the following responsibilities:

  • Planning and estimation for test projects
  • Interfacing group to external entities:
    • internal demand management customer groups,
    • application support groups,
    • development groups,
    • configuration management groups,
    • external suppliers for cloud and external services
  • Test activities progress reporting
  • Handoff documents writing
  • Responsible for the defect management process and for planning and service pack releases for environments:
    • web systems,
    • dealer station,
    • “geographic coverage” support systems

Moreover, I also worked on the Requirement Definition for some tools for fiscal code validation, subsequently used by all the quality assurance  group.

My target was to build a system for interaction and testing integration with third-party services, such as provisioning systems and platforms verification of credit worthiness