Andrea Perniciano | Manifesto




I spent the last fifteen years in a large organization which only worked for large organizations. Some of my ideas driven the offer, many of my insights led many successes.
But the magnitude is always also a limit, courage in a large organization is about the color of the tie, big organizations will move on always from and to secure positions. An organization is big when its bureaucracy is large and complex. Usually innovation precedes the magnitude, seldom happens the opposite. The complexity doesn’t always benefit of customers.

A micro organization, however, has always leeway wider than the large ones, small organizations can risk more and have fewer problems to invest in worthwhile projects. Small organizations have a simpler decision chain, then they are much faster and much more able to adapt the needs of the customer.

A micro organization works with processes deliberately skinny, rarefied and with fewer checkpoints, fewer queues, fewer approval signatures, and all that closely improves the interlocution level with the customer.

The small organization can inject more concreteness in the processes; still, all the “technological” contents offered are exactly those offered by large organization, because the same culture and sensibility are offered: the only difference is that less bureaucratic costs make small organizations far more competitive.


2 Promoting activities generally uses previous experiences as “qualifying” rationals. Previous experience in a particular field is overrated because every client is unique and has unique features, processes, architectures, and organization, even within the same business sector.

I think curiosity, and enthusiasm for learning carry the value in what I do, and that should be the key feature for my offer, I don’t know anything until anyone doesn’t explain me, because in this manner I can avoid to applying any possibly wrong pattern to my customer. Not knowing means to refuse apply the same model to every client, and it unleashes the value delivery.

If I already know, how can I be curious to know what? Will I still be learning anything about the job to be done? I always try to avoid stereotypes to understand world, and even less to those with and for whom I work.
I rather explore and try to understand.




Freedom, opportunities

I can follow my insights and I know how to follow them, I have initiative and I simply can not put it aside.
I’m here because I have courage. I do not need to have career advancement, nothing will distract me from my goal. I don’t work for technology, but for innovation and change, especially when change leads me to overcome my limits. I offer the advantages of this freedom to my customer, to make it turn freedom into opportunities for change.

I am fast because I got rid of any bureaucratic superstructure that can only slow me down. Being myself is challenging, tiring. But I like it, and it’s the core of the value that I offer.

A micro size gives you the freedom to explore and deepen.



Commodity who?

Let’s stop with considering ICT as a commodity !!!
The technology does not look like a laundry, there are many roads, many choices to be made, and each has its own benefits and risks; forgetting these facts can clear the value and carries the risk of depriving organizations a strategic tool.

I see those who understood the strategic value of information systems put them at the center of their offer, whatever they do, and they do it beyond the fashions of the moment. I don’t care to be fashion, I do not chase short-term skills and short-term results. I work on what has to last as long as desired.

Offering innovation is also understanding what will last, what solutions will continue to create value over time.



5 What we’ve done in the past makes us reach our current point, but if our goal goes beyond what we are now, we’ll probably need something more than we have done in the past.

I try to enhance the lessons learned from the past, not to cancel them, but doing things how we’ve done them in the past doesn’t necessarily improve what we shall do for the future.

I try to always offer something more, to think differently to find new paths to innovation and new solutions to problems.





I am generous, I never try to work less than I have to, I know that every effort I can avoid now is a greater effort planned. My mission is to create value, I use all the tools at my disposal to provide the value of which I accept responsibility. I don’t save the hours I need for a better solution, I don’t save myself. I take care of what I do for my client with passion, and I do it as if the result was mine. My economies of scale are more than working less, I seek the satisfaction, the awareness that I deliver the best possible satisfaction of my client. The only way of working I know is to be generous because the results can not come from the savings, the value is my result.




There is one thing that can be built in a long time and can be destroyed in a moment: is trust.

In my work, I tend to cross the limit of discretion each time that it can afford to offer a greater value.

I treat the information that I get with all the awareness of the sensitivity of that.

I know how fragile the relationship of trust that is established, and I know how damaging it can be for a micro organization a relationship of trust broken, or simply cracked.





I exist, I am free, and now it’s my turn.

I am a free practitioner.

I take upon me the risk of error, the joy of seeking connections, I take responsibility for what I do and I try to help change to happen.
Change is my real work tool, most often surprises me first, and this ensures value.