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How about you ?

All over the site I talked about my skills, my manifesto, my professional passions, I tried to explain what I’m longing to become, to deliver to you your desired value. A friend told me that she doesn’t understand to whom my message is intended.

Here you are who I expect you are:

  • You are a representative or an influencer for a medium or small company
  • You work in any business sector (including IT market)
  • You are not necessarily Italian, hope European but not exclusively
  • You believe that the information and its processing has or can have a strategic value to your business,
  • You feel that your business is “based” on the management of information
  • You are equipped to generate/maintain your IT resources
  • You maybe have had disappointments in relationships with prominent system integrators, and you feel you can better control a relationship with a smaller, independent supplier
  • You know enough about the software production process to realize that “programming” is just a technical activity, but it doesn’t convey “itself” a competitive advantage

You should:

  • Introduce and manage changes to your processes
  • Better manage relationships with your customers
  • Provide a service based on the information or the content
  • Quickly retrieve the information you  need
  • Better understand possible dark aspects of your business
  • To get more control on some of your costs
  • Improve production processes
  • Comply with regulations
  • Take advantage of opportunities
  • Document or certify production processes
  • Improve relations with its employees
  • Improve the work experience of its employees
  • Put employees in a position to produce or sell more and better
  • Have tools that enable one or more of your business or personal goals

you may be concerned about:

  • Not having adequate resources to manage your projects
  • Your information systems could go are out of your control
  • Your IT investments don’t return as expected
  • Lose market positions in comparison with the competitors
  • Failing to adapt your processes in the face of regulatory changes
  • Have obstacles in achieving one or more objectives
  • Your image might lose value, due to IT issues
  • The lowering of your motivation of your employees
  • The excessive costs of certain production processes, sales or support
  • Unexpected market downturns
  • Some slowness in reacting to change

You would like:

  • Doing more with you infrastructure
  • Confront an expert
  • A more “technical” partner
  • Innovate one or more of your processes
  • A better image
  • Greater productivity in term of time, quality and reliability
  • Resources happier and consequently more faithful
  • Improve your competitive advantage
  • More return on investment
  • A trusted partner
  • Affinity and commonality of goals
  • Networking more safely
  • Contribute to bigger goals
  • A general improve of your business

Of course, I can do nothing more than support you on achieving your goals with my insights, my curiosity and the knowledge I can offer.

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