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Freelance’s Value Proposition and Business Models: the stakeholder’s profile

In the freelance world, one of the biggest risks is the drift between the value perceived by the customer and the perceived value of the “producer”. [I’ll add a space because love moves me !] One of the aspects to always keep under control is the perception of value by the customer. It is possible the customer is unlikely to be interested in issues may be very refined, but which, however, can not fully understand. Maybe her does not perceive the need, while, by contrast, aspects regarded as important by the customer may appear as futile or not associated with a high priority by the freelance.My attempt is to try to apply a more “intimate” understanding so that the value provided matches the value purchased. And of course I would be happy to share my attempts to bring the relation between the freelance with his client at a better level, unleashing the value perception, that is, the value delivery.The methodology proposed bases itself on the techniques described in “value proposition design” and “business model canvas”, by Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur at alt.

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