Andrea Perniciano | Ex-pe-rience

As said in the manifesto, I’m proud about not knowing, because just not knowing I can Discover, Learn and avoid applying the wrong pattern to what I’m doing. That’s why having to talk about my experiences, I decided to ask for help to the most authoritative source that I know, that never betrayed me nor deceived: the dictionary.


Ex-pe-rience [from Merriam-Webster third new international Dictionary]

a trial or test


direct observation of or participation in events


the state, extent or duration or result of being engaged in a particular activity


knowledge, skill or practice derived from direct observation or participation in events


the sum total of the conscious events that make up an individual life


something personally encountered, undergone or lived through


something by which one is stimulated or moved


philos: a: the act or process of perceiving or apprehending; b: the content of the particular result of such experience; c: the discriminative reaction or the nonconscious response of an organism to events or happenings within its environment





So experience is how many times I tried, how much I observed and/or participated in, how many times I involved myself, when I understood what was going on around me, what I went through, what I wanted, how I learned, what lasts and how I’m been able to change.
I try to grow and keep balanced Wisdom, Competence, Craft and Practice, and to offer this equilibrium to my customers.

  Encounters: clients, colleagues, counterparts and collaborators

The essential part of the technological work are the people, I realized that I don’t have chances of success if I don’t support my job with a passion for people and a real, visceral enthusiasm for the service, the help and support.
A company that relies on external professionals for its project expresses the need to keep the costs under control or access to a technology that is not yet part of their capacity equipment. Often the customer’s target exceeds the temporary nature of a project and becomes permanent in the direction of an innovation that otherwise would be out of reach.
An essential part of my work (and a personal attribute) is the attitude of empathy, the capacity to listen, understand not explicit needs.
I  usually try to emerge any of the needs that I detect,  and  I search with my counterpart for an estimation of importance and urgency, to don’t leave open points.
Large organizations typically use their formalism, often they provide formal documents for which it is necessary to understand the wisdom, and after that it allows to focus on the value-added solution.
In small and medium-sized organizations, the work of collecting information becomes much more exciting because, with seldom formal structure nor reference makes the approach to the problem in these contexts a pure evolution analysis. Such innovation charge must reach a form where what is written becomes a mirror for the stakeholder, either of the content, and in the shape and language.

Language is perhaps the most critical aspect, and on which I try to invest more: clients, colleagues, counterparts and employees are always in need of security about the fact that what is said is actually understood in a sense shared. The work done on business processes has led me to converse with high levels of company management, experience in the management of production has given me many opportunities in relation with production bases, which have strong needs on ergonomics and usability.
Every single meeting is a significant and forming experience.


My work led me to express myself in many different scenarios. For example the singlepreneur holder of an important patent that produces significant amounts of data that had to somehow harnessed in a system that transformed into information, from many of which depended important decisions on replacement or maintenance (refinery oil tanks). Large telecommunications companies that provided service to millions of users, that had to follow and increase their market with new proposals, regulations or adjustments that were needed to provide service to their performance more efficient.
The backgrounds where I could offer my cooperation can be summarized as manufacturing industry, corporations in the areas trade / distribution and energy, telecommunications companies and banking companies.
Each context a different story and an own moral. The underlying theme that has always joined so different opportunities is the need for a sense of position and awareness of the impact that the work would have on the managed business.


Over twenty years of engagement in technology have made me understand how the technology actually is not so much a river that follows its course but is more like an ocean that from an outside look is similar to a uniform surface.
Once you dive, or when you browse you meet currents, temperature conditions in ceaseless evolution.
The technologies that I could meet span from simple departmental systems based on logical processing and presentation, performed on user’s machine to systems with more refined architecture in which the user’s machines have only the data display responsibility.
Increasingly, the required competence is no longer to “create” a design or modeling a behavior because more and more often we receive requests for customization, modeling of operational scenarios of off the shelf products.
This type of job is challenging because it adds several constraints to work accustomed data.
In consequence, the normal demand for process modeling and information managed, based on the needs of the customer can happen to create small modules, called “plug-ins” in order to add new behavior not originally planned to the system.
It is typical part of the customization work on “product” to the system the interaction with the support team of the manufacturer or the seller, in order to handle any problems that sometime emerge

  Future (a “now” in progression)

As long as the work will ensure learning in terms of people, technology scenarios and of course I will be excited to continue serving my clients. My present work is to offer new innovative content, in order to ensure that the value provided is never abstract with respect to the context in which it is projected.
This is because there are never right solutions or apply to everyone; the value is never an inherent attribute of the good provided, but it is more the result of the interaction between the contents (however necessary) and objective problems that cover and expectations of the customer.